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Decades of research in neural networks, machine learning and automatic speech recognition. Extensive commercial experience in the speech industry. Investment from Gradient Ventures (Google’s AI Investment Fund). Proven with the US Government for intelligence and security.

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The Speech Market

With a projected annual growth of more than 20% over the next few years, the on-premise Speech Analytics market (including ASR engines) continues to be underserved by the currently available products and solutions. Many are based on outdated technology, making it difficult to scale or take advantage of advancements in the science or compute processing.



Why choose Mod9

With decades of research in neural networks, machine learning and automatic speech recognition, Mod9 is well positioned to address this market gap. With proven technology deployed at many high-profile clients and investment from Gradient Ventures, Mod9 is now bringing these advances to organizations across industries and sectors.

Available for deployment on-premise as well as private and public clouds, our technology can be utilized for real-time as well as batch processing.

The accomplished and growing research team at Mod9 continues to innovate and invest in technology, improving the performance of the core ASR engine, enabling sophisticated speech features (such as keyword search and discovery), as well as training new acoustic and language models to enhance the model portfolio for specific industry applications including Contact Centers, Unified Communications, eDiscovery, Healthcare, Financial Services and more.  As a customer, you stand to benefit from these advances with a state-of-the-art cost effective ASR solution.

Decades of Research (neural networks, machine learning and speech recognition)

Proven Adoption by Innovators and Early Adopters

Proven with the US Governement

Early Stage Investment from Gradient Ventures (Google's AI Investment Fund)

Real-time as well as Batch Processing

On-premise and Cloud Deployments

Large and Customizable Small Vocabularies

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