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Whitepapers and Presentations

SpeechTEK 2018 Presentation discusses how to evaluate various Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) technologies and what “Word Error Rate” (WER) really means, how effective it is as a measurement of accuracy and other factors to take into account.

Enterprise-Scale Automatic Speech Recognition, SaaS versus On-Premise Deployment compares and contrasts the characteristics of Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) delivered as a Cloud-Hosted (SaaS) offering, with ASR capabilities delivered through on-premise licensing. Both approaches have merit and are being widely adopted, both also have unique characteristics and limitations, which may mean one approach is better suited to addressing your needs than the other.


Industry Resources

Speech Technology Magazine provides comprehensive and independent coverage of information impacting speech technologies. Known worldwide as a leader in sources of news, information, and analysis relating to the speech technology industry.

SpeechTEK the place where the executives, engineers, developers, and users and adopters of speech technologies come to learn, share, and push the industry forward. 

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