Mod9 Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR)

The Mod9 engine offers real-time, highly accurate, secure and customizable automatic speech recognition to address your business needs.

The Mod9 Difference

The Mod9 Difference


Based on more than 10 years research in neural network technology and machine learning, consistently ranked a top-performer and proven with the US government (DHS).


Create your own small custom vocabularies for domain specific or directed dialog applications. Use with, or independent of existing supplied language models. 

Cost Effective

Superior operating performance and accuracy. Cost-effective and flexible licensing options to suit your business’s needs.



The engine can be deployed onto cloud infrastructure, processing transcriptions (batch or real-time) in parallel and at massive scale.


Continual Improvement

We are continually improving the performance of the core ASR engine, training new acoustic and language models to add to our portfolio.

Processing Effeciency

Designed to optimize efficiency in computation (processing time vs. length of recording).

Deployment & Licensing Options

On-Premise - the standard deployment is on-premise in your data center or in a private cloud environment such as AWS. The environment must support Docker on Linux.


(Licensing options include metered usage, annual subscription, and perpetual license)

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Features and Options

Core Features and Options

Batch Processing

Scalably transcribe large amounts of audio using parallelization.

Language and Model Options

State-of-the-art US English, proven to outperform offerings from many of the largest global technology companies on standard test sets. Several additional well-trained language and acoustic models in telephony for Global English, Latin American Spanish, and Mexican Spanish are available as well. Share audio data with us for a custom-trained Acoustic Model.

Speaker Separation / Diarization

Identify specific speakers in a written transcript, partitioning the audio stream into segments correlating to each specific speaker.

Real-time Processing

Provides transcripts in real-time by streaming audio to a synchronous API for a transcript in the API response (JSON format).

Automatic Transcript Correction

Makes transcripts more readable, by automatically correcting punctuation, capitalization and disfluencies, so the resulting transcript more accurately reflects natural language.

Custom Vocabularly

Dynamically add words to a custom dictionary for improved accuracy, specifying weighting and ranking for directed dialog applications.


What Customers Are Saying

Mod9 Technologies helps us deliver an industry-leading ediscovery solution for investigations and litigations. We selected the Mod9 ASR engine for its accuracy and speed in the transcription and analysis of recorded audio content, as well as the product’s ability to be deployed within our own environment, which reduces the complexity, operational cost, and risk of managing our customers’ sensitive data offsite

AJ Shankar

CTO and Founder, Everlaw

In delivering a world class AI coaching and training platform for contact center agents, VoiceOps needed an accurate, customizable, real-time, transcription engine, ideally compatoble with the IBM Watson API. Mod9 was able to deliver against these requirements, offering highly-accurate transcription and analysis of spoken conversations in real-time at a reduced cost, delivering valuable, actionable and data-driven feedback for coaches, raising the performance of the contact center in weeks, versus months.

Nate Becker

Co-founder, VoiceOps

As a Global Leader in AI Training Data Services and Software, BasicAI is committed to providing high-quality data annotation services and software. BasicAI selected Mod9 as a partner because of the highly customizable nature of their ASR solution and deep expertise in the space.  Our customers can now utilize our labeled speech-to-text datasets to build custom solutions for languages, dialects, and industry-specific terminology to satisfy their use cases.

Tyler Schulze

CEO, BasicAI

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